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In this video, follow step by step the instructions on how to use the Intuitive PRO control. Discover its simple operation, 1 button for one application and its chute control by joystick.

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Discover our range of Feeder Straw Blower Castor 134 & 185

In this video Jan is presenting us our range of bale feeder straw blower Castor 134 ² 185. Discover all our know-how and industrial skill for producing blowers and bale feeders. These machines are mechanically driven to provide maximum power to the shredders and to ensure an efficient bale processing even with wet and grass bales.

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A simple and protected kinematic

The PTO is driving the two-speed gear box which is driving shredders. Each shredder is protected with a shear bolt to guarantee a long lasting of the kinematic.

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Discover the Castor range 

This video shows our machines from the Castor range working, it is composed by 6 models from 2 to 18 m3 , these machines are equipped with one, two or three shredders according to the capacity. These machines have a common bloc (shredders, bed chain, turbine, and comb) which ensures efficiency and meet modern agriculture requirements

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