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Discover our range of Autospire Performance

In this video Jan is presenting us our range of self-propelled diet feeder – Autospire Performance. This machine has been designed for intensive used. These self-propelled are able to work daily to feed thousands of cows during tours over 100 km.

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3D videos

An efficient kinematic

This 3D video is showing us the important central role of the repartition box that ensures an sustained hydraulic flow according to the applications. Activation of the mill during silage unloading, starting up of the augers for mixing and driving modes. This repartition box is giving hydraulic power when its required without forgetting the other functions.

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Autospire – Self-propelled diet feeder

Discover our range of Self-propelled diet feeders Autospire. Composed by 6 models from 12 to 14 m3 in single auger and from 16 to 24 m3 in twin augers, this machine has been designed for feeding a large herd or for being used for muti-farms applications. It is equipped with Tier 5 motorization from 156 HP up to 245 HP and with a mill of 200 HP.

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